Going green very gently, one baby step at the time.

Trash anyone?

With the new Climate Talks going on right now, being or acting “green” has become more important than ever. It certainly is overwhelming to hear the news about temperature raises and sea levels rising all over the world.
What can one person do about it?

Take baby steps. A famous Chinese expression says that every journey starts with the first step but it does not say how big those steps have to be.
So today I invite you to take your first step towards a healthier and greener world for you and your children to live in.

A really simple habit to develop is to trow all your trash in a trash can. Don’t throw anything on the ground outside, including chewing gum and sigaret butts. Anything that you throw on the street has to go somewhere. If it is not picked up by the city sanitation department it will blow or be washed down into some water way. It either goes straight to a river or creek or it goes in the storm drain and will end up in a stream of water, and eventually in the ocean in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, is large system of rotating ocean currents in the central north Pacific Ocean that is filled with litter and garbage, specially a lot of plastics. This, of course, is a great problem for all marine life. While you will not solve the problem we have right now, by being careful with your thrash you can prevent the problem from becoming a lot bigger.


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